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1972'den beri...

In 1972 Mr. Hüsnü Demiray  founded Başay Chicken Cage and Equipments Manufacturing. In addition to the current line, he started to manufacture Flour Mills and Flour Mill Stones in 1979.

In 2015 we incorporate as Başerler to serve better to our business partners. Since then we expanded our machinery export and also invested Energy related industires.

Besides flour mill manufacturing we are in the early stages of Hydrogen Fuels, Perovskite solar cells and Photovoltaics. We are building Rooftop and building integrated systems and Photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar collectors.

F. Nilifer Başer      



As BASAY our principle is to win the trust of our customers, and forward this trust into future. Taking into account of the wishes and opinions of customers, our research and development team works closely with our technical team to shape best manufacturing principals and produce the highest quality goods and services.

As BASAY our vision is to be customer oriented solution provider in this dynamic world. Our ideals are not static; they are ever-changing to reflect our customers' needs.

Vizyonumuz sürekli gelişen, yenilenen ve değişen hayat şartlarına uygun olarak sektöründe  öncü olan müşteri odaklı bir firma olmaktır.

1-) Flour Milling Plants: With our trademark BASAY DESA, we provide turn-key projects to manufacture highest quality flour since 1979.  From 15 tons to 150 tons capacity, we build factories and solutions. Our focus areas are Product Intake, Transportation, Cleaning, Washing, Dampening, Peeling, Milling, Screening, Packing and Storing.

2-) Seed Cleaning Plants: Complete solutions from farm to packed seeds. Our machineries are best for Pre-Screening, Cleaning, Screening, Insecticide and Packing.

3-) Organic Flour and Stone Mills: Recent trend to live healthy, consumption of organic foods is increasing rapidly. To meet this demand we are market leader and developer of Stone Mills. BASAY DESA stones are manufactured within our company to provide healthiest and safe milling standards.

4-) Steel Silo Solutions: Flat-bottomed, Conical-based and Economic silos are manufactured with best quality galvanized sheets and bolts. The structural analysis and capacity calculations are made to provide maximum longevity of silos.

5-) Feed Mills: BASAY feed mills are designed to produce best feeds to all sizes of animals. Mills are manufactured according to digestion systems of animals to maximize milk and meat output.

6-) Bulgur Plants: BASAY DESA has unique machineries to clean, wash, peel, mill and screen bulgur. Our stone-mill based bulgur is popular among our customers and partners.

7-) Spice Mill Solutions: Spices are key elements of cuisine and pharmaceutical industry. From cleaning to grinding and screening, we provide variety of machineries to the world.

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